February break camp 2020 is coming up!

Feb 24th - 28th

With two bonus days: March 2nd & 3rd 

(Register for Feb Camp Here)


we will also be having a camp during

april spring break!

april 20th -24th

(Register for April Camp Here)



AND there will be four

summer camps this year!

Kids Camp #1

Ages 4-8

June 15th - 19th

(Register for Camp #1 here)

Kids Camp #2

Ages 4-8

August 10th - 14th

(Register for camp #2 Here)

Older kids camp

Ages 9-12

July 6th-10th

(Register for Older kids camp Here)

Teen Girls camp

Ages 13-18

July 27th-31st

(Register for Teen Girls camp Here)


This camp combines all the martial arts, tumbling, and parkour that your kids love, with environmental science education!  We'll be doing lots of technique oriented grappling and wrestling, plus delving deeper into meditation and the moral and ethical precepts of the martial arts.  We'll also be talking about ants, space, and animal tracking!  And we'll also delve into ONTA's very own (kid friendly) Kung Fu movie library!


4 - 10 years old.


9am to 3pm.
Late pick up option is anytime between 3pm and 5:30pm. 

If your child is already enrolled in ONTA's afternoon classes, they can stay through their normal class and that does not count as late pickup.


Students not already enrolled in ONTA                              ONTA Students

$275 per student for week of 2/24 - 2/29                             $250 per student, for those already enrolled in ONTA
$500 for 2 siblings                                                                  $450 for 2 siblings

$65 each for Bonus Days: 3/2 & 3/3                                     $60 each for Bonus Days: 3/2 & 3/3

$375 for all 7 days                                                                  $350 for all 7 days

$65 a day drop-in                                                                   $60 a day drop-in

 + $25 per day, for late pick option                                        + $25 per day, for late pick option


Spots are limited to 10 students, so message us ASAP to reserve your spot!

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Williston, VT