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Chi Kung

Tai chi

This class focuses on learning various types of Chi Kung sets and postures, primarily those from Grandmaster Mantak Chia's Healing Tao system.  Chi Kung practice strengthens the body, regulates and builds physical energy, and cultivates ones mental concentration and spirit. Regular practice of Chi Kung develops a deeper understanding of the internal aspect of the martial arts, and serves as a form of moving meditation. 


This class also includes the practice of Sun style Tai Chi, including stepping practice, push hands, and the 108 long form. Collectively these movement and energy practices emphasize posture, biomechanics, and mobility while also teaching you how to cultivate and control internal energy.


Good for all ages, these practices form a practical and doable movement discipline that will keep you strong, balnced, mobile, and will ameliorate the effects of aging.

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