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Covid-19 update

After reading through the state's guidelines and discussing what additional measures we are able to take in our space, we have created a safety protocol for our classes and camps.  We will be doing everything in our power to make sure that you and your children are as safe as can be during this uncertain time, and to provide them with fun, socialization, and new skills. We as a family have been following all of the health and safety measures throughout this time to minimize our risk and the risk of exposing others.  We and all our staff are fully vaccinated, and we ask that only vaccinated kids, teens, and adults attend our classes.

ONTA Class Protocol


General Precautions


       All staff members are fully vaccinated and have completed the VOSHA training on Covid-19.  All staff members will continue to wear masks.

       Students are encouraged to wear masks in all classes, particularly as we head into the cold season.  If you, your child, or a member of your household is immunocomprimised and requires an environment in which everyone is masked, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

       We have some sanitized child size cloth masks available if a child does not have their own, or if their mask does not fit well.​


      Class size is limited to 16 students.  Please reserve your place here before class.  A reservation is not strictly required, but if the class is full    preference will be given to those that reserved beforehand.  Otherwise spots will be given out on a first come first served basis.  Parents can stay and watch, but in general we want to keep the number of people as small as possible.  All parents or family members who stay to watch must be fully vaccinated, and are encouraged to wear masks.



Drop off Procedure

      We will be conducting a contactless health and temperature check as students enter the studio. Those with illness symptoms or a temperature of 100 F or higher will not be allowed to attend class or camp that day. They may only return after 72 hrs of regular health and maintaining a normal temperature without fever reducers.  So we are asking parents who normally drop kids off and then leave to wait a few minutes for us to confirm their child has passed the temperature check before departing.

      After the temperature check we will be administering hand sanitizer to the students.




ONTA  Camp Precautions for Covid-19


       All the General Precautions, including the Drop Off Procedure, listed above apply to camp as well.


Camp Day and Curriculum


      We will be taking handwashing breaks for both students and staff before and after all meals.


       Snack and lunch will take place on the grass outside of the studio.


       Anyone who is sent home due to high temperature or must stay home because of illness during the week of camp will retain active credit

on their missed days to be used at future camps, either later in the summer or next year.


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