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373 Blair Park Road

Williston, VT





Covid-19 update

Hi Everybody!

As I'm sure you've all noticed, things are crazy!  Our family has been discussing what to do over the past 48 hours and have decided that the only responsible course of action for our community is to suspend all classes for the next two weeks. Hopefully that will be all that is necessary, but we'll see. As of right now, all classes are suspended from March 16 to 28.


For those who are enrolled in an ongoing series, like our Parks and Rec students, those series will resume as soon as classes resume. Our Senior Tai Chi class may resume later than others, depending on how the health crisis evolves.


As you all know one of the biggest concerns with social distancing is the economic stress being put on small businesses and their hourly employees, and Vermont is a state made of small businesses. As such, if you receive a salary, are able to work from home, can take paid sick leave, or are financially able to, we personally and humbly entreat that you please do not suspend your, or your child's monthly membership. This is to ensure that our students who are hourly wage workers experiencing a significant decrease in income can pause their memberships, and that we will still be able to stay in business. Once we reopen, we will enact rolling membership payment pauses to ensure that everyone gets their full value from their memberships, while spreading the loss out over time rather than taking a big hit all at once.


One of our favorite things about our curriculum is that it is highly social. There's really nothing like wrestling or holding pads with someone to get to know them. But this situation will give us the opportunity to develop some online courses in Self Defense, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and Tao Yin, which is something we have wanted to do for a while now. We'll keep you updated!


The last thing on our list is camps. We had such a great time in the February break camp! Over the past year we've enhanced our curriculum and forged our teen volunteers in the fire that is being climbed upon by rambunctious small children. We really had a blast with all our little ninjas. On a personal note, it was amazing to see the growth and maturity in students who attended both this year's winter break camp, and the one from last year. We are super proud, both in their emotional growth, and in their truly impressive growth in technical skills. Some of our teens legitimately could not escape from their bucking bronco back control!

All that said, we're not sure what's going to happen with the April Spring break camp next month, since possible school closures may affect the break schedule. Parents, feel free to keep us in the loop as well, to let us know what your kids' schools are doing or considering, and how we can best help you and your family.


We truly believe that Vermont is the best place to have a family and a business, because Vermonters take care of one another. If you are in need of anything - babysitting, food, toilet paper - please reach out. If we can't help, I betcha someone in our community can. Hopefully this will blow over quickly, but if not, we'll continue to help each other in whatever ways we can to make sure we can all be healthy and safe.

In the meantime we'll be spending lots of time with baby Sequoia, who just starting crawling this week!

Thank You!

Zach, Lauren & Baby Sequoia