Covid-19 update

       We are happy to announce that we have reopened, on a limited schedule, and have resumed our in-studio classes!                                


       After reading through the state's guidelines for Childcare and Summer programs, and for Gyms and Fitness Centers, and discussing what additional measures we are able to take in our space, we have created a safety protocol for this summer's classes and camps.

We will be doing everything in our power to make sure that you and your children are as safe as can be during this uncertain time, and to provide them with fun, socialization, and new skills this summer. We as a family have been following all of the health and safety measures throughout this time to minimize our risk and the risk of exposing others.  Now that widespread asymptomatic testing is available, we've been getting tested biweekly (did you know they stick a probe up your nose into your brain?  It's wild!) and are negative! 


ONTA Class Protocol


General Precautions

·      Beginning May 28th, Zach and Lauren will be getting tested at Vermont's asymptomatic testing sites every two weeks providing there are spaces available. Other staff members are encouraged to be tested within two weeks before each camp week.


       All staff members have completed the VOSHA training on Covid-19.


       All staff members are required to wear masks during work.


       Students are also required to wear masks. We have some sanitized child size cloth masks available if a child does not have their own.

​       High contact surfaces, such as sinks, water fountains, and door handles, will be disinfected at minimum of 3 times a day. The entire studio will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.


       As much as possible we will have the doors open and fans blowing for air circulation.


       Class size is limited to 5 for kids classes or 7 for adult classes.  Please reserve your place here before class.  A reservation is not required, but if the class is full preference will be given to those that reserved beforehand.  Otherwise spots will be given out on a first come first served basis.


       We will be modifying our curriculum as much as possible to reduce contact between students, shifting our focus away from grappling and into activities such as Karate, shadow boxing, Parkour, tumbling, footwork, and low/no contact games.



Drop off Procedure


       We ask that parents bring their child into the bathroom next to the front door to wash their hands before entering the studio.


       We will be conducting a contactless health and temperature check as students enter the studio. Those with illness symptoms or a temperature of 100 F or higher will not be allowed to attend class or camp that day. They may only return after 72 hrs of regular health and maintaining a normal temperature without fever reducers.  So we are asking parents who normally drop kids off and then leave to wait a few minutes for us to confirm their child has passed the temperature check before departing.


       We ask that parents wear a mask when dropping off and picking up their children.       


       We ask that if possible one parent bring in their child, without siblings, and that same parent pick up their child.


       We ask that grandparents or relatives with compromised health not drop off or pick up children.     




ONTA Summer Camp Precautions for Covid-19

       All the General Precautions, including the Drop Off Procedure, listed above apply to camp as well, except for class size.


       Camp is limited to 10 students per day. Staff is limited to 5.


Camp Day and Curriculum


       We will be taking handwashing breaks for both students and staff every hour and before and after eating.


       Much like in our regular classes, we will be modifying our camp curriculum as much as possible to reduce contact between students, shifting our focus away from grappling and into activities such as shadow boxing, footwork, and low/no contact games.


       Snack and lunch will take place on the grass outside of the studio.


       Anyone who is sent home due to high temperature or must stay home because of illness during the week of camp will retain active credit

on their missed days to be used at future camps, either later in the summer or in 2021.


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