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Tao yin

Tao Yin is a Taoist physical movement practice. It develops the strength and flexibility of the spine, tendons and muscles with a special focus on the fascia, psoas complex, and lumbar spine. Tao Yin translates roughly to "energy directing" and helps practitioners develop internal power by breaking up blockages throughout the body and allowing the body's internal energy to flow properly. 

Sometimes referred to as Taoist Yoga, Tao Yin is similar in many respects to Yoga, with some distinctive differences. Tao Yin is gentler on the body, has a greater emphasis on internal energy, and focuses on movement rather than postures. Those who enjoy Yoga will also enjoy Tao Yin.

Tao Yin is one aspect of the Healing Tao system and is best understood when integrated within a holistic Taoist practice. Tao Yin is an important physical and internal foundation for those wishing to also practice forms of Chi Kung and Tai Chi. 

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